This advertising medium could cause a flap

FlapMedia has contracted with trucking companies across the nation to use their mud flaps as an advertising medium that will reinforce a brand by putting it in front of plenty of drivers every day. With no interference to operational schedules or services, the mud flaps on a fleet could generate consistent revenue by providing an advertising space that is safely visible and easy to maintain.

Plastic used in the manufacture of these colorful mud flaps stays cleaner than ordinary rubber flaps, keeping advertising clean and easy to read. By using already existing space and a quick, inexpensive process of design, manufacture, and installation, FlapMedia provides one of the most economic advertising mediums in the industry. Studies have shown that FlapMedia ads have an extraordinarily high recall rate with approximately 61,000 impressions per truck per month. With a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of less than a dollar, FlapMedia is a bargain.

One of FlapMedia's premier clients is the state of Wyoming. Realizing the reach of this advertising venue, Wyoming has chosen FlapMedia to promote travel and tourism to the state.

To monitor and maintain the effectiveness of mud flap advertising, FlapMedia has designed a monitoring system that will insure the proper fabrication and installation of the flaps and will verify the mileage and routes of the trucks. Survey research will be performed regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of the flaps.

For more details, contact FlapMedia, PO Box 10255, Jackson WY 83002; or access

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