Bendix air disc brake weighs 30 pounds less

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC's North American version air disc brake, the ADB 225, will be 30 pounds lighter per wheel end compared with the company's current air disc brake, which employs European technology. The ADB 225 for 22.5" wheels, now undergoing testing, is expected to hit the market in first-quarter 2004.

The company reduced the weight primarily by eliminating component mass associated with compounding, a European standard allowing the two separate apply systems for the service brake and the emergency brake. With typical anti-compounding air systems in the United States, Bendix has designed a system specific to North America that eliminates the extra weight.

Bendix says the ADB 225 stops 39% shorter than drum brakes. This reduction exceeds the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's nine-step program recommendations for a 30% improvement in stopping distance by 2007.

The ADB 225 has a streamlined design, a more efficient force multiplier, less than 10% hysterisis, and works well with ABS.

For more information, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

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