Bendix TABS-6 integrates with TIMS

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC has launched the TABS-6, a scalable ABS technology for trailers. The standard TABS-6 product is optimized for 2 Sensor/1 Modulator systems, used by about 90% of trailers built in the United States and Canada, while a premium version is available in configurations up to a 4S/3M system.

TABS-6 contains fewer components to install and connections to make. The electronic control unit (ECU) includes a pressure equalization feature that allows air molecules — but not water — to pass through.

Several electrical connections from prior systems have been eliminated. One example is the integral five-pin power connector that allows the trailer's chassis ABS electrical connector to be plugged directly into the ECU. This eliminates the need for, and cost of, a pigtail cable. The unit can also be tank- or frame-mounted without modification.

Bendix eliminates the task of clearing trouble codes requiring moving or lifting trailers following a repair. This TABS-6 feature allows fleets to clear the trouble code automatically after performing the repair. In addition, advanced blink code functionality provides time-saving, detailed information to service professionals that leads them precisely to the fault.

TABS-6 includes a patent-pending customization feature, Auxiliary Design Language (ADL), which enables special functions that would normally require their own ECU. ADL accommodates quick, custom subprograms while maintaining the integrity of the ABS function using a virtual barrier.

The Dana Spicer Tire Inflation and Monitor System (TIMS) functionality can be integrated within TABS-6 to provide less system complexity, simpler support, and reduced cost through the elimination of a major component and duplicate wiring on the trailer.
Bendix | 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035

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