Carriers get on board with TripPak Scanning

Landstar Systems Inc, Prime Inc, and Crete Carriers Corp have signed with TripPak Scanning, the cashier-assisted document capture service found at full-service truckstops in North America.

"We have been pleased with the adoption of truckstop scanning," said Robert E Low, president of Prime. "Given the popularity of this program and the new hours-of-service regulations forcing changes in the driving patterns of our operators, we are eager to expand the options we make available for trip document submission. TripPak Scanning is a feature at TravelCenters of America, Petro Stopping Centers, and other participating locations within our network."

Participating fleets can direct drivers to participating truckstops, where the fuel desk employees process images and return documents with a receipt to the driver. Drivers can confirm that images were submitted through the system by reviewing them at minutes later.

Alternatively, drivers can drop their trip envelopes in a TripPak box to be scanned overnight. Images captured at a truckstop can be merged with images processed in the TripPak Scanning center and exported to participating carriers, while original documents are maintained by TripPak.

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