Chevron rolls out new extended life coolants

CHEVRON Products Company introduced its new, patented, global Extended Life Coolant (ELC) formulation that significantly exceeds current performance levels for products claiming extended life capabilities. The enhanced formulation of Delo Extended Life Coolant and Texaco Extended Life Coolant provides protection for the life of the average heavy-duty engine cooling systems.

The new formulation will protect cooling systems of on-road vehicles for eight years or 750,000 miles and off-road vehicles for 15,000 hours, without the use of chemical additives or extenders. If a Chevron chemical extender is added at 500,000 miles/10,000 hours/four years, the cooling system will be protected for 1,000,000 miles/20,000 hours/eight years.

By comparison, current market leading ELC products have a life expectancy of 400,000 miles without extender and 600,000 if extenders are used at 300,000 miles/12,000 hours. The performance results in measurable cost reductions for fleets, owner operators, and owners of stationary heavy-duty engines, like those used in gas transmission and power generation.

“Based on fleet testing data, we have confirmed that the Chevron and Texaco formula ELC can reach the newly released extended life intervals,” said Carmen Ulabarro, coolant marketing specialist, Chevron Products Company. “You need to service current generation ELC products at 300,000 miles in an attempt to reach the 600,000 mile mark. With our new technology, you can go 150% beyond the 300,000-mile service interval750,000 miles, without the need to service the product, except for top-offs. The fleet tested and confirmed service, hardware, and cost reduction improvements of Delo and Texaco Extended Life Coolant provide our customers a clear advantage.”

As engine technologies advance, higher operating temperatures will become the norm. In order to protect newer engines, Chevron's new ELC formula has been engineered to provide exceptional heat transfer capabilities, reduced electrical conductivity, and improved corrosion protection.

Chevron's ELC is a global formulation available to Chevron and Texaco marketers and customers by March 2006. The global formulation ensures Chevron and Texaco customers can consistently buy the industry's longest performing ELC products regardless of geography. The new formula meets the new heavy-duty coolant spec ASTM D6210 and exceeds most major coolant specifications, including Caterpillar EC-1.

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