Cox Thermometer Has 0.2% Accuracy Margin

Cox Recorders introduces its new Digital Thermocouple Thermometer, featuring a temperature range of -58 F to +1,742 F (-50 C to +950 C) with accuracy margin of 0.2% of the reading over full scale. This hand-held thermometer is suitable for quality control inspections and laboratory use, as well as for measuring temperature of perishables at shipping point or origin. The unit is supplied with a 4.8 inch, K-type penetration probe with handle (as standard). The probe has a spring cord that can be unplugged from the unit for storage. Interchangeable K-type thermocouple probe styles are available: surface, ultra-fast penetration, air temperature, and high-temperature.

This thermometer retains highest and lowest temperature readings in memory for review until the unit has been cleared or turned off. It can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit readings and from display in whole numbers to tenths of a degree at the touch of a button. A "hold" feature retains the last temperature reading on the display until the reading can be confirmed or until the probe can be retracted and the display viewed. The thermometer can turn itself off automatically after about 60 minutes of non-use to preserve battery life.

For more information, contact Cox, 1470 W Ninth St, Suite C, Upland CA 91786.

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