Devices cut risk of truck or machinery theft

TruckWatch introduces “driver-friendly” immobilizers that stop thieves and terrorists from hotwiring trucks. The immobilizers, common on new automobiles, have cut auto theft by 50% to 70% in Europe and Australia.

Now TruckWatch has two new security systems for commercial trucks and heavy machinery. SafeStop makes it almost impossible for a thief or terrorist to steal a truck even if it's idling. The MachSafe immobilizer reduces the risk of theft for heavy machinery such as bulldozers.

SafeStop is an anti-theft device that cuts the truck's electrical system at several points. This device can only be unlocked with an encrypted transponder similar to those found on most high-end automobiles. An unauthorized driver won't be able to move the truck, even if it's idling. With multi-circuit immobilization, it's nearly impossible to hotwire the vehicle. Multiple transponders can control a vehicle, allowing managers and mechanics to keep control of the fleet even if the driver loses his transponder on the road.

MachSafe is designed for off-road heavy machinery that is often unsupervised and unprotected. This electronic immobilizer for 24-volt heavy equipment will force a thief to spend several hours trying to bypass the multipoint protective system. This increases his risk of discovery and reduces the likelihood of a successful theft.

For more details, phone 212-981-2529, ext 13; 917-751-1003; or e-mail [email protected].

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