Dual-temp container refrigeration system

Carrier Transicold has introduced the ThinLINE DT container refrigeration system for dual-temperature capability.

ThinLINE DT can split a container into two variable-size compartments, each with different temperature requirements. It can alternately cool one compartment and freeze another, or it can refrigerate one compartment and heat the other.

The benefits are better container utilization and lower shipping costs. Instead of shipping two partial loads requiring different temperatures in separate containers, they can be shipped within a single 40-foot-high cube container. The container can even be operated as a single-compartment unit.

The front compartment delivers the standard frozen/perishable setpoint range of -22° to 86° F when multi-temp mode is not activated. The range is from -22° to 30° F when operating in multi-temp mode. The rear compartment offers a perishable-only range of 28° to 70° F.

Digital displays on the ThinLINE DT unit's MicroLink controller toggle between readings for the front or rear compartment so operators can program and monitor both from a single control.

An insulated movable bulkhead partitions the container into two sections. The bulkhead slides along a track and adjusts six feet from center in either direction. This means the compartment can be divided into two 20-foot compartments or into two compartments of variable size up to a 14-ft/26-ft combination.

E-mail Anthony D'Angelo at [email protected] for more details.

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