Kit for recharging spares reefer battery

While many drivers operate liftgates and other electric accessories daily, maintaining a sufficient power supply to these accessories can be a challenge when the vehicle engine is turned off. Engines may be turned off because of anti-idle considerations, or because using fuel from the tractor's engine to power the liftgate wastes money. When the engine is turned off, the liftgate will use batteries to provide power, which generates a large current draw and can drain the batteries.

Thermo King's External Battery Charging Kit can help with this problem. “This kit was designed specifically with the liftgate in mind,” said Jason Forman, accessories product manager with Thermo King. “It provides an out-of- the-box solution by tapping a reefer's power supply without risk of draining its battery.”

By allowing the reefer alternator to recharge the liftgate or other accessory batteries, the kit prevents the external system from drawing directly from the reefer battery, and the reefer unit is completely isolated during liftgate operation.

“Isolating the reefer battery from the external current draw ensures continuous starting power,” said Forman. “The reefer unit battery is never affected, and the kit will help keep the liftgate or other accessories working all day.”

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