Krone proves RSS capability in Cool Liners

The safety of Krone Cool Liners is considerably increased by the stabilizing system RSS (Roll Stability Support). This result was verified in several tests carried out by Krone together with Wabco at the Wabco proving ground in Jeversen. The test vehicle was a Cool Liner with meat-hanging equipment, a vehicle in which the center of gravity may oscillate longitudinally and laterally.

The vehicle was loaded with steel weights to simulate the meat-hanging load. During the first driving test, the vehicle was fully loaded over its whole length, and four of five meat suspension rails carried the full payload. In the second test, the vehicle was fully loaded only from 2.8 meters (from the front wall), and the weights were suspended from all five rails. In both tests, maneuvers with wide turning circle (100-meter-circle J turn) as well as with small turning circle (10-meter-circle circular driving) were executed. The test runs were driven with and without activated RSS system, respectively.

Measurements showed that the different load variations had little effect. There were, however, serious differences in driving behavior with and without activated RSS system. The stabilizing system automatically recognizes an imminent tilting danger and induces an automatic braking action, if required. Thus the speed of the total unit — and the tilting danger, is reduced. As soon as the tilting danger is over, the automatic braking action is terminated.

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