LoadMaster Version 8.1 has enhancements

McLeod Software announced the newest version of its enterprise transportation management system. New features of LoadMaster Version 8.1 will improve a motor carrier's ability to manage business processes. Several new features and enhancements in LoadMaster Version 8.1 include:

  • Recurring orders scheduler — This user-defined scheduler allows the customer to set up daily, weekly, or monthly trips in advance. It helps a carrier improve service for dedicated operations and for high-volume customers.

  • Round-trip functionality — streamlines functions for improved visibility and execution of round-trip operations, a common model handled by dedicated carriers.

  • Local mileage table — Used to help with contracts negotiated with specific mileage requirements, this feature lets users enter specific mileage on routine trips where the actual or agreed-to miles differ from mileage in standard lookup programs. It is especially useful for deliveries in rural areas.

Access www.McLeodSoftware.com for more details.

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