Mack announces new engine brake

TO complement its new ASET emission-compliant engines, Mack Trucks has introduced a new integrated engine braking system. The new PowerLeash brake was shown during the Mid-America Trucking show in Louisville, Kentucky, March 19 to 21, 2003.

Designed to integrate within the base engine envelope, the new brake saves 50 lb compared to other engine brakes. More than half of the Mack trucks sold include engine brakes, the company says. The PowerLeash is expected to drive increased sales of engine brakes.

The new brake provides improved performance throughout engine operating range, peaking at 420 braking horsepower at 2,100 rpm. Brake response time is reduced by 50%. This improvement in brake response enhances the downshifting performance of automated mechanical transmissions.

PowerLeash is designed for long life as well as high performance. For instance, the adjusting screw and actuator pin are designed as separate solid pieces for years of service. An internal oil screen helps provide protection from particles in the oil. For added durability, electrical components are located on the cold side of the engine away from exhaust and turbocharger heat.

Servicing is improved as well. Engine injectors can be serviced without removing the rocker shaft, and valve lash can be set easily.

The new engine brake will be available for Mack engines in the second quarter 2003.

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