Mack Unleashes GuardDog Monitoring System

Mack Trucks Inc has introduced a new routine maintenance monitoring system. Known as GuardDog, the system alerts drivers, via an in-cab dashboard display, to these service items:

  • Engine oil level — low or high.
  • Engine coolant level — low.
  • Fuel level — low.
  • Windshield washer fluid level — low.
  • Air filter restriction — high.
  • Steer axle brake shoe — worn.
  • Drive axle(s) brake shoe — worn.

This system includes a Predictive Oil Change (POC) feature that automatically determines when an engine oil and filter change is due based on engine duty cycle. The V-MAC system, Mack's vehicle electronic control system, constantly monitors engine operation and determines the optimum oil change interval. This interval can be as high as 60,000 miles, depending on application. POC also is available as a stand-alone option with GuardDog on certain vocational Mack vehicles (R, RD, DM, DMM, and CL models).

GuardDog currently is an option on Vision by Mack, Granite, and CH models equipped with Mack's optional Vehicle Information Profiler (VIP) driver display. GuardDog is an active maintenance monitoring system, based on actual vehicle sensor readings rather than predetermined (passive) distance, time, or date intervals.

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