Mexican transportation officials evaluate high-tech driver training center in California

Mexico's top transportation officials are turning to high technology to improve driver training and public safety. Guillermo Cano Garduno, the state of Mexico's secretary of communications and transportation; and Labor Secretary Marco Antonio Nava visited GE Capital I-Sim's Driver Development Service Center in Anaheim CA recently to evaluate the latest advances in driver simulation technology.

The visit is the first stop in a three-day tour for the delegation, which hopes to improve safety training for Mexican law enforcement agencies, truck drivers, and public transportation operators. GE Capital I-Sim's facility features the new Mark II simulator, a full-size, operational truck cab placed in a three-dimensional cinema. Police officers can get emergency response training on PatrolSim, which creates a real-life driving experience with working sirens and radios.

Mark Stulga, chief executive officer of GE Capital I-Sim, said the company has sold PatrolSim units that are being used by the Barrientos Police Academy in Tlalnepantla, Mexico, and the Department of Public Safety for the state of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The state of Mexico currently employs 12,000 police officers, all of which will receive driver development training.

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