Michelin XZY3 line keeps rolling forward

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has added the 315/80R22.5 XZY3 LRL size to its product line of XZY3 tires, all-position radials designed for superior wear and traction in mixed on/off road service.

The new size incorporates a long original tread life and a 23/32" tread depth, which improves mileage and durability. Compared with the XZY2 tire, the XZY3 provides an 11% boost in tread volume through a 5% increase in tread width, a 4% gain in tread depth, and a 2% increase in net contact area.

In addition, the new co-extruded tread compound on the XZY3 tire offers excellent protection against aggression, chipping, and scaling while keeping the crown area of the tread cool. Throughout the life of the tire, the ribs and shoulder edges retain their aggressive notches to allow maximized soft soil and mud traction. The new bead design assists in reducing damage to the tire bead during mounting and dismounting while improving resistance to heat. The extra-robust four steel belt construction lends itself well to resist impacts and shocks.

For more details, access www.michelintruck.com.

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