Mobile exhibit showcases Delo family

A 30-ton infusion of cutting-edge technology rolled into Louisville KY recently as Chevron's Delo brand gave new meaning to the term “technology-driven innovation.” The lubricant brand introduced its new Delo Truck at the 2007 Mid-America Trucking Show. This 625-hp, 18-wheel vehicle showcases the Delo product family in the D-Lab. Delivering the D-Lab to destinations across North America is a new 2007 Volvo VT 880.

The centerpiece of the new Delo Truck is the D-Lab, a mobile exhibit designed for advanced-knowledge engineering. While gaining clearance to the D-Lab, visitors are greeted by a virtual host, Delola, who navigates users. While in the D-Lab, guests steer through interactive, educational, digital graphics, light, and sound effects while learning about Delo products and market issues.

D-Lab takes visitors through nine different zones infused with high-tech interaction including product features that appear to orbit in space, a look at the inner workings of cutting-edge technology, an on-demand Delo Theater, a video timeline of Delo milestones, and a digital pinball game. The D-Lab also features a touchscreen station that informs visitors where they can buy Delo products.

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