More OmniTRACS security

Qualcomm Inc is offering new security features for the OmniTRACS satellite mobile communications system. New features include a Vehicle Immobilization Device (VID) and a Security Integration Package.

The VID, when connected to OmniTRACS, enables the authorized operator of the truck to put the vehicle into a “restricted mobility” condition. When used with the Wireless Panic Button — a wireless transmitter for use outside the vehicle — the VID increases the security of a truck's load and its driver. The Wireless Panic Button also allows drivers to send emergency notifications with their current locations. Panic message alerts are simultaneously sent to the customer's dispatch and Qualcomm's Network Operations Center.

OmniTRACS now provides Qualcomm's high-value or high-risk load monitoring, allowing companies to customize the frequency of vehicle position reports based on commodity codes, high-risk areas, or out-of-route violations. Firms can receive an exception alert if a vehicle has made an unauthorized stop or trailer drop, turns off the truck ignition before delivery, or fails to report to dispatch in keeping with the customer's set parameters. Customized route alerts can be dispatched via pager or e-mail to specified users according to the severity of the exception.

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