National Motor Carrier Directory for 2006

Transportation Technical Services (TTS) announces the release of the 2006 edition of The National Motor Carrier Directory (NMCD). The NMCD is a FleetSeek database and print edition of contact information and fleet demographics on for-hire trucking companies. Included are companies that haul building materials, packages, general freight, and refrigerated liquids and solids. All companies listed have two or more trucks and/or tractors.

Subscribers to the directory receive a 1,809-page print edition of the directory and a 12-month subscription to the NMCD component of FleetSeek. The FleetSeek subscription allows unlimited access to more than 55,000 motor carriers, where subscribers can view, sort, select, and print fleet profiles over the internet. The cost is $495 plus $12 shipping and handling. Another option is the ability to download the whole NMCD file to a computer hard drive or acquire selected records.

Additions, enhancements, and deletions to FleetSeek files are made continuously, and uploads are made at least once every 72 hours. Customers are entitled to all changes to their subscription files at no extra cost. For more details, contact TTS, Fredericksburg VA.

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