New alternator line can take a lot of heat

Remy Inc, manufacturer and marketer of Delco Remy heavy-duty electrical systems, has introduced a new family of heavy-duty alternators that will enable fleets and owner-operators to ensure adequate alternator output in spite of increased underhood operating temperatures.

These three new high-temperature alternators — Delco Remy 28SI, 36SI, and 40SI — are engineered and tested to ensure superior output in underhood operating environments up to 125° C (257° F). The alternators are suited to any application experiencing extended operating temperatures above 110° C.

The 28SI brush-type alternator delivers up to 180 amps of power at highway speed and 130 amps at idle. The 36SI brushless alternator produces 160 amps at highway speed and 110 amps at idle, and the 40SI delivers 300 amps at road speed and more than 200 amps at idle.

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