Pallet trucks can handle loads of abuse

The Raymond Corp's new 8000 Series pallet trucks are built to take a pounding and reduce cost of ownership for grocery warehouses and distribution centers.

The 8000 Series uses Raymond’s ACR System, with a low-maintenance AC motor to deliver and maintain a high level of performance, even as the truck gets fully loaded and the battery discharges. Operators can move more pallets per shift because the ACR System provides quicker acceleration, higher torque, and smoother direction changes. The ACR System also has fewer parts than DC systems.

The control handle and grab rail are angled to fit the natural position of the hand, and operating functions are placed within easy reach. Tactile, intuitive controls like thumb wheels and the one-step triggers for jogging the truck simplify operation. The handle design allows Raymond’s patented CoastPRO coast system to be activated with one hand. A cushioned platform with 525 square inches of foot space and convenient lean points let operators ride in comfort.

The 8000 Series pallet trucks also offer a virtually unlimited range of performance settings for control in close quarters and speed in open areas. Trucks can be programmed for up to 10 skill levels: slower speeds for new operators, higher speeds for experienced ones. Four models are provided:

•Model 8300 walkie—6,000-lb single pallet capacity, 3.9 mph unloaded and loaded travel speed.

•Model 8400 end rider and Model 8500 center rider—6,000-lb and 8,000-lb capacities, single/double/triple-pallet configurations, 9 mph unloaded and 6.2-mph loaded travel speed.

•Model 8600 tow tractor—10,000-lb towing capacity, 9 mph unloaded travel speed.

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