Passive rear camera system to help stop backing accidents in the works

Rostra Precision Controls Inc is developing a passive rear camera system that uses leading-edge technology to assist in eliminating backing accidents. Rostra is currently creating applications for several nameplates and will introduce the product in the first quarter of 2005.

This new passive rear camera system uses a color camera that can be installed in the spoiler, door latch, bumper, or other similar locations on a vehicle.

Inside the cabin of the vehicle is a 2" or 3.5" LCD color display built into the rearview mirror. Activated when the vehicle is put into reverse, the monitor begins receiving images from the rear-mounted camera. Monitors/mirrors will be a direct factory replacement.

By providing a 110 to 160 degree wide-angle view from the rear of the vehicle, Rostra's passive parking aid can help a driver avoid objects in the vehicle's blind spot and identify items that are much closer to the ground than an ultrasonic product can detect.

The new camera/monitor system is being designed to work in conjunction with other Rostra products, including the digital, microprocessor-based ROSS Pro rear obstacle sensing system, the ParkPilot ultrasonic smart parking system, and the upcoming NEXTGen radar back-up system.

In addition to its use with the passive rear camera, the rearview monitor is being designed to interface with vehicle navigation/GPS systems, thus eliminating the need for a second monitor in the vehicle. (3" monitor recommended for GPS applications.) Other options of the system will include the technology for temperature, time, directional, and a DVD input. For more details, contact Rostra, 2519 Dana Dr, Laurinburg NC 28352.

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