Portal addresses needs of for-hire carriers

AmeriQuest Transportation and Logistics Resources Corp has introduced its third trucking industry portal, CarrierFleetXchange, to address procurement, education, and research needs of for-hire carriers. AmeriQuest officials forecast that users of the new service may see savings on procurement of between 10% and 25%, depending on the product line.

This site joins FoodFleetXchange and FleetXchange, which cover fleets across all industries. All three sites, which represent 750,000 power units, are open to qualified professionals.

CarrierFleetXchange allows commercial trucking fleets to buy major brands of tires, lubricants, batteries, brakes, engines, transmissions, tools, truck bodies, shop tools, and lift trucks at improved pricing levels. This is achieved through the added volume represented by users in combination with existing AmeriQuest users. CarrierFleetXchange includes interactive forums for participants, reviews of products, and vendor support information.

Companies using the system continue to do business with their current suppliers. Credit issues and payments go through the AmeriQuest e-commerce system, which is automated.

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