RainGuard keeps trailer access free as it blocks out inclement weather

The new Frommelt RainGuard RG-800 series header seal from Rite-Hite Corp helps provide a safer, more productive work environment at the loading dock. RG-800, the newest RainGuard model, offers the same loading dock protection as the original RainGuard RG-1000 header seal. Its design offers a choice to help block rain, snow, and inclement weather for most trailers before they enter the loading dock.

As the trailer approaches the dock, the RG-800 header adjusts automatically to trailer height. Its flexible foam wiper sweep is weighted to maintain uniform pressure and a tight seal across the width of the trailer top. The wiper lays on top of the trailer and is free to float with the trailer as it is loaded and unloaded. Trailer access from inside the dock is unrestricted. When the trailer leaves the loading dock, an exit sweep is located behind the foam wiper seal to protect the unit and ensure long life.

Designed for lower-traffic situations, the RG-800 can handle almost all types of trailer traffic and is effective at declined dock approaches. It is compatible with most seal and shelter designs and can be retrofitted as a header on existing equipment.

For more details, contact Rite-Hite, 8900 N Arbon Dr, Milwaukee WI 53223.

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