Super II-190 merges the best of two series

Combining components from two series of units, Thermo King Corp's new Super II-190 trailer refrigeration unit is designed to let food distribution and grocery companies select the features most important to them.

Suited for regional distributors and grocers who regularly haul produce or non-frozen products, the Super II-190 offers noise reduction and fuel efficiency. The Whisper-quiet engine, changes to the exhaust and intake system, along with added gaskets and acoustic foam, allow users with inner-city deliveries to comply with local noise ordinances. Addition of the optional electronic throttling valve (ETV) reduces the load on the compressor engine, resulting in 5% to 15% greater fuel efficiency.

With many of the same components as an SB-190, the Super II-190 comes standard-equipped with a Thermo King se 2.2 engine, a X430L reciprocating compressor, MP-VI Smart Reefer controller with Optiset, and Whisper-quiet operation. The unit features silicone coolant hoses, 12,000-hour service interval coolant, and optional EMI 3000, which extends maintenance intervals from 1,500 to 3,000 hours.

The Super II-190 also features options such as faster pull-down, temperature control, and increased fuel economy. The DAS system can log data from up to six independent temperature sensors. Thermo King's bulkheads and air ducts are also available and provide for temperature control throughout the entire trailer, in addition to an in-cab control system.

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