TCA Salutes Highway Angel For Aiding Child

The Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has recognized Jerry Moye of Pasadena TX, a driver for Marten Transport, as a Highway Angel for assisting an injured child in a car accident.

Driving over a hill on Interstate 205 in Oregon in the early morning of June 6, 2000, Jerry Moye noticed a car in the middle of the road, upside down.

Using his CB radio, Moye contacted a trucker on the road behind him and asked him to call for help. Meanwhile, Moye positioned his rig to block traffic. "I ran to the passenger side and called out but didn't get a response," he said, "so I ran to the driver's side and I saw someone hanging upside down. Then I heard a little girl crying, `I want my mommy.'"

He removed the child from the vehicle, and although her legs were bloody, she was not badly hurt.

The driver had been crushed by the roof of the car. Moye comforted the child, telling her the paramedics would soon arrive to get her mother out and see if she was okay. "My main thought was to not say anything to let her know that her mother was gone," said Moye.

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