Temp logger sends warnings by e-mail, phone

Telatemp has developed new software that allows Micro Thermocouple (T/C) temperature logger users to receive alarm warning messages whenever pre-set temperature ranges are exceeded.

If the logger is connected to a computer during real-time monitoring, an e-mail error report can be sent either on the first occurrence only, or as often as once every minute for as long as the condition exists.

If connected to a telephone line and modem, a six-digit message can go to a pager, either on the first occurrence or every five minutes as long as the condition exists.

The Micro T/C logger records up to 16,383 temperature readings per channel using an assortment of thermocouples for a range of -320° to 3,658° F (-120° to 2,000° C), or -4° to 176° F (-20° to 80° C) with its internal sensor.

This new software is standard on all new Telatemp Micro loggers and also can be retrofitted to upgrade models in the field. For further details, contact Telatemp, 351 S Raymond Ave, Fullerton CA 92831.

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