TrailerTrooper Gives Trailers Added Security

Innovative Transportation Products Inc (ITP) announces the TrailerTrooper trailer locking system. With its tamper-resistant design, TrailerTrooper secures a trailer by locking dolly legs in the down position after a trailer is parked. It comes in different lengths and axle shaft sizes to fit most types of dolly legs. The locking system stays in place without requiring removal and storage when not in use.

It can be engaged and disengaged in seconds, while locks can be keyed alike for multiple trailer operations. An entire fleet can use the same key; door locks can be keyed to match. TrailerTrooper also uses multiple code combinations.

Constructed of 14-gauge steel, TrailerTrooper features a 5/16" yoke, a painted finish, and a spinning hand guard. For added security, TrailerTrooper uses a five-pin locking system. For more details, contact ITP, PO Box 191146, Dallas TX 75219.

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