TRICO Product Guide Includes Teflon Blades

TRICO Products offers its 2001 application guide for its full line of heavy-duty wiper products. For the first time, the 64-page catalog features TRICO Teflon blade applications for heavy-duty trucks and Class C recreational vehicles.

The guide has application sections for heavy-duty trucks, Class A and C recreational vehicles, school buses, and transit buses. It also includes applications for other wiper blades, including TRICO's winter blade, as well as for refills and wiper arms.

Product identification information, including part number, length, finish and arm-type fit, is provided for each blade and refill. Photos are included alongside product descriptions. The guide also features product information for wiper arms and multi-purpose, wet arm and fuel line hose.

The latest information on TRICO merchandisers and cabinets is also included. For additional information, contact TRICO, 1900 Billy Mitchell Blvd, Brownsville TX 78521.

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