Utah gives a green light to PrePass

Utah will deploy PrePass at all major weigh stations during the first quarter of 2006 and becomes the 25th state to install the electronic weigh station bypass service. PrePass lets participating motor carriers comply electronically with state weight, safety, and credential requirements at weigh stations and ports of entry while traveling at highway speeds.

UDOT's Perry inspection facilities on Interstate 15 will become the 256th and 257th facilities to deploy PrePass.

Other inspection facilities to be equipped during the coming months include east- and westbound I-80 at Wendover, southbound I-15 at Echo, and northbound I-15 at St George. Deployment of PrePass at Kanab and Peerless inspection facilities is under review.

As a participating vehicle approaches a PrePass-equipped inspection facility, an in-cab transponder electronically identifies the vehicle to a computer that checks state-required safety and registration credentials. At the same time, a high-speed, weigh-in-motion sensor in the highway roadbed counts, weighs, and measures the distance between axles, and calculates total gross vehicle weight to ensure compliance with state weight requirements.

Currently, more than 350,000 commercial vehicles use PrePass nationwide.

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