Veriteq data logger performs well in extremely low temperatures

Veriteq Instruments has released its Very Low Temperature Logger for shipping and freezer applications as cold as -86° C (-122° F). The VL-1000-VLT data logger can be placed directly into cold environments and left there for days, weeks, or even years. No external probes or wires are required.

Like all Veriteq data loggers, the VL-1000-VLT is designed for reliability, with a soldered battery connection and a five-year battery life (factory-replaceable).

Veriteq's Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-compliant software meets CFR Part 11 requirements. The company's vLog software allows users to print valid reports and graphs for FDA submission.

Since batteries have severely reduced power outputs at -86° C, Veriteq developed a circuit design called “powershot.” With this design, a five-year battery life has been achieved.

For full details, contact Veriteq, 110-13799 Commerce Pkwy, Richmond. British Columbia, Canada V6V 2N9.

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