Webasto FOH uses fewer components

Webasto has updated and improved its Air Top 2000 fuel-operated heater (FOH), giving it new functions with more flexible installation options while using fewer components. Now called Air Top 2000 ST, the heater complies with the latest governmental emissions regulations and is also configured to consume biodiesel fuel up to a 20% blend.

Air Top 2000 ST can be activated via an optional timer or from inside the vehicle with the supplied control. It uses the same energy source — fuel from the vehicle's tank — but uses just 1/20th of a gallon of fuel per hour.

Benefits of the Air Top 2000 ST include:

  • A weathertight sealed control unit with improved corrosion resistance; external mounting possible if desired.

  • SCIT ( Single Ceramic Ignition Technology), which incorporates flame detection and ignition into one component.

  • Airflow improved by 20%, from 46 to 55 cfm.

  • An optional ventilation mode that allows airflow circulation in the cabin.

  • A new self-cleaning evaporative burner that limits wax and carbon buildup.

  • A new fan design for quieter operation; also limits dust buildup.

For full details, e-mail [email protected].

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