Wide-Base Wheel Fills Low-Profile Needs

Alcoa Wheel Products introduces a new wide-base wheel engineered to work with low-profile longhaul tires on drive and trailer axles. The new 22.5" × 14" wheel specifications include a 10-hole, hub-piloted mount with 285.75-mm bolt circle. In the wide-base system, one wide wheel and tire replaces a set of dual wheels and tires.

At 71 pounds, the Alcoa wide-base wheel carries a 12,800-lb maximum load rating. Switching from steel duals to Alcoa wide-base wheels saves 318 pounds per axle — up to 1,272 pounds per tractor and tandem axle trailer.

A set of dual wheels and tires have four flexing sidewalls, compared with two for a wide-base system. Reduced flex increases fuel efficiency. Tire manufacturers estimate that, depending on the number of axles with wide base systems, operators can save from 2% to 5% on fuel.

For a free copy of the new wide-base wheel specification sheet, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

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