Acuant, Record360 form a partnership

Acuant, the provider of intelligent data capture and authentication solutions, has partnered with Record360, which offers asset condition reporting for vehicle rental and leasing companies worldwide. This partnership will provide a modern-day solution for vehicle damage disputes with a superior customer service experience.

The partnership aligns with increasing business demands for high-tech solutions that streamline workflows, digitize processes, and create a customer- and user-friendly experience. Acuant’s patented technology provides real-time digital upload and verification of rental customers’ identification, including the ability to verify IDs from all US states, Canadian provinces, and 90-plus countries. This minimizes human error from manual input, all while removing the need for paper when capturing driver license information.

Record360 already offered rental and leasing companies the ability to decrease damage disputes and expenses by digitizing the condition review process. Expanding the product offering with Acuant’s license verification solution allows users to further digitize their paper processes and improve customer service. This partnership means businesses can, for the first time, enjoy a full-service, digital condition documentation experience.

Acuant’s patented intelligent data capture, advanced document authentication, and identity verification technologies provide a comprehensive suite of solutions. Using proprietary technology and a large document library, Acuant verifies identity credentials issued from more than 100 nations and transforms data into useful and insightful information to optimize company workflows.

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