Cadec implements Verizon M2M Management Center

Cadec Global Inc announced that its PowerVue system now uses Verizon Wireless’ M2M Management Center to deploy and manage devices for its fleet customers with devices on the Verizon Wireless Network.

The M2M Management Center enables Cadec to simplify and enhance the process of managing communications between drivers and fleet managers.

Among PowerVue’s new features are:

•Optimized networking device performance—The M2M Management Center helps PowerVue verify that devices are connected to the Verizon Wireless network and to monitor whether customers’ devices are operating at peak performance. This enhances the exchange of real-time data pertaining to vehicle mileage, workflow, fuel economy, and driver performance.

•Simplified device deployment and activation—Cadec now can deploy devices on the Verizon Wireless network in as little as one day or less. This expedites the time in which fleet customers can start monitoring real-time data from their vehicles.

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