Chainalytics rebrands benchmarking consortium

Chainalytics LLC, a supply chain research, analytics, and advisory firm focused on enabling fact-based supply chain decisions, plans to rebrand its Model-Based Benchmarking Consortium as the Freight Market Intelligence Consortium.

The Freight Market Intelligence Consortium better reflects the function and value of services provided in light of several recent innovations to the supply chain intelligence offering.

In 2003, Chainalytics launched a model-based benchmarking consortium to analyze and benchmark freight rates in the truckload market. Today, the firm produces more than 90 freight benchmarking models per year—spanning the truckload, intermodal, less-than-truckload, and global ocean container markets—with plans to introduce services supporting heavyweight air freight in 2012. Across all modes, Chainalytics analyzes more than 23 million shipments, totaling $26 billion in transportation spending and representing 100 consortium member companies from manufacturing, retail, wholesale, and third-party logistics.

Besides expanding services across modes, Chainalytics has increased the depth of freight market intelligence provided. Beyond freight rate benchmarking, members of the Freight Market Intelligence Consortium receive policy and portfolio assessments as well as trend reporting and predictive analytics. Chainalytics will also launch the Integrated Freight Marketing Intelligence (iFMI) Server in January 2012 which offers members—both shippers and 3PLs—the ability to integrate market intelligence and predictive models into a range of enterprise systems.

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