Cold Truck drives cold chain trade worldwide

Cold Truck is a first-of-its-kind, web-based trade platform for the cold chain transport industry. The website handles secondhand truck and trailer cooling units, as well as reefer containers and ice boxes.

Since it went live at the beginning of September 2015, the website offers sellers and buyers a free-of-charge and commission-free opportunity to interact and trade cooling units with no middlemen involved. The site provides full accessibility and direct connectivity between global buyers and sellers.

This site is a dedicated marketplace that serves agencies, traders, and dealers of cooling units; it serves managers of large truck fleets, logistics companies, food and pharmaceutical companies. It can even apply to single businesses that obtain two to three trucks that need to change their cooling units. The site also serves container shipping companies and reefer container users who can purchase containers which are out of fleet, but still fully functional.

Other services the website offers include:

•Money transfer guarantee—A fully secured escrow service to ensure the seller receives funds that were agreed upon.

•Unit inspection—together with Cold Truck partners Checking Wheels and Bureau Veritas, a service that lets buyers request to inspect the unit before purchase in order to validate its condition and status.

•Logistics services—Cold Truck offers to provide full services from seller to buyer without any hassle, even if the buyer is in another country or continent.

Benefits for sellers who use Cold Truck:

•The site is cost-free.

•It provides sellers with access to buyers worldwide.

•Operational costs could be decreased.

•Units can be sold separately from the truck to increase income.

•Units can be advertised for sale prior to purchasing a new ordered one.

•Optimal trade-in options are available.

•Money transfer guarantee (escrow service) for the sold units is ensured.

Benefits for sellers who use Cold Truck:

•The site is cost-free.

•It is genuinely adapted for purchasing secondhand units in line with practically any budget at hand, and mostly at less than 50% of a new cooling unit or reefer container.

•The site provides an opportunity to be exposed to reliable and cheap units by purchasing directly from a worldwide variety of sellers.

•The site provides opportunities for dealers and maintenance institutions to increase revenues and expand the variety of products they offer to customers

•Through Cold Truck partners, both seller and buyer enjoy secure and easy tools to commence with trade.

Email [email protected], access, or phone 1-646-564-5773 for further information.

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