Course teaches truck drivers map reading

Rand McNally's Transportation Data Management subsidiary has a new truck driver training course called “Understanding and Interpreting Maps: A Short Course Using the Motor Carriers' Road Atlas and RouteTools Software.”

The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) contributed to development of the course. Contained in the course are several modules to teach new truck drivers components of paper and electronic map reading, helping them plan routes and calculate distances. The course, which includes review questions and exercises, covers:

  • Understanding and using information in the Motor Carriers' Road Atlas.

  • Differentiating between a variety of map types, and identifying and using mapping symbols and information.

  • Using the Motor Carriers' Road Atlas maps for basic navigation and interpreting non-road information.

  • Generating routes and calculating mileages using routing software, including estimating arrival times, creating fuel networks, calculating state mileage, and routing for truck type.

The Rand McNally class kit includes:

  • One instructor manual that contains information for presentation slides and answer keys.

  • 18 student handbooks — each includes a 15-day free trial of RouteTools software.

  • 18 Motor Carriers' Road Atlases.

  • One RouteTools Professional Driver Edition software package for classroom instruction.

Schools can order the curriculum by phoning 877-204-1020.

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