Crown InfoLink 2.5 enhances forklift fleet management

Crown InfoLink 2.5 enhances forklift fleet management

Crown Equipment Corporation has released Crown InfoLink 2.5, the newest version of its fleet management system that transforms forklift operating data into meaningful information.

InfoLink 2.5 allows managers to save time and improve fleet performance by introducing new features that reduce false impact alarms, deliver real-time performance indicators based on user-defined goals, and display critical measurements in graphic form for at-a-glance decisionmaking.

“There is a wealth of information being generated at the truck level, and Crown InfoLink 2.5 enables our customers to organize, prioritize and manage that data to improve the productivity and efficiency of their fleet—and their entire operation—via an enhanced dashboard interface,” said Maria Schwieterman, product manager for the Crown Insite Productivity Suite, which includes InfoLink. “Crown InfoLink 2.5 takes a significant step forward by enabling our customers to establish benchmarks around key areas and manage their performance against those benchmarks.”

The new interactive InfoLink interface helps managers quickly identify and prioritize issues around compliance, impacts, and equipment. Color-coded opportunity indicators provide an easy-to-monitor view of whether conditions in each area are meeting established goals (green), require attention (yellow), or need immediate action (red). Dashboard views deliver a graphical overview of performance based on the user-defined operating range for each opportunity. Drill-down reports present a more detailed analysis of areas such as service efficiency, equipment use, and operator performance.

Crown InfoLink 2.5 also marks the introduction of Crown Impulse Technology, an intelligent impact sensing system that combines data from the impact sensor and truck to provide more accurate and meaningful impact alarms. Current approaches to impact sensing treat every event that triggers the sensor equally, which creates nuisance alarms that can mask or misrepresent actual conditions. With Crown Impulse Technology, only those impacts that meet user-defined criteria, based on truck operating data, trigger alarms.

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