C&S implements XATANET software

XATA Corp announced that C&S Wholesale Grocers Inc has chosen to equip more than 700 trucks with XATANET software. C&S's fleet delivers to both local and regional routes with Class 7 and Class 8 trucks, and this implementation brings C&S's XATA-enabled fleet to more than 1,000 vehicles.

XATANET 4.0 is designed to improve fleet mpg, monitor mobile assets in real-time, and reduce time needed to track regulatory compliance. It allows users to receive real-time location and mapping of fleet assets and for the real-time exchange of driver, vehicle, route, and delivery information via a two-way wireless communications network.

To help reduce fleet fuel consumption, XATANET 4.0 measures fuel usage, along with vehicle idle times, speeding time, driver-shifting patterns and real-time communications. Fleet managers can easily create exception-based alerts to proactively address inefficient driving habits, reduce idle time, and optimize operations for best fuel performance.

Access www.xata.com for more information.

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