Load Track rids transactions of friction

As freight tracking software becomes more common in the transportation and logistics industry, Trucker Tools has been experiencing a surge in demand from companies looking to differentiate their services with next-generation mobile technology.

Independent freight agents are a segment of the market where Trucker Tools has been responding to increased demand. Agents often have access to competing freight tracking products from transportation companies whose FMCSA authority they operate under, but prefer the on-demand Load Track platform from Trucker Tools.

“Load Track stands out among other freight tracking products because it eliminates the friction in freight transactions for shippers, brokers and carriers,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive officer of Trucker Tools.

Embedded in the free Trucker Tools driver smartphone app, Load Track captures continuous, real-time shipment visibility. The tracking process automatically begins when a driver is dispatched on a load and continues to final delivery.

The Load Track platform automates arrival and departure notifications, provides instant two-way driver messaging, and simplifies the data and document capture process.

“Collectively, these features help brokers eliminate fraud or ‘double brokering,’” said Gollapalli. “The Load Track platform further eliminates friction by identifying and validating driver detention events and by speeding the freight payment process.”

The Trucker Tools app is owned by Trucker Tools LLC, a software developer based in Reston VA. The free app includes features to locate truck stops, weigh scales and free parking. Users can also monitor diesel prices and get truck-specific navigation. Load Track is a feature included in the app to connect drivers with carriers and freight brokers to automate shipment visibility, communications and data capture.

Visit www.truckertools.com to learn more.

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