ReeferWatch GCMS offers cold chain monitoring

M2M telematics and cloud computing are now giving shipping lines, transport operators, logistics providers, shippers, and other cold chain members unprecedented visibility and control over refrigerated equipment and perishable cargo moving worldwide.
But actively managing this stream of real-time information is critical to reaping the operational cost and cargo care benefits of the “Internet of Transport Things.” A new service launched by M2M intermodal cold chain tracking specialist WAM Technologies LLC and affiliate Mark-it Services (MIS) does just that.
The ReeferWatch Global Cargo Monitoring Service (GCMS) gives clients of WAM’s M2Connect cloud-based asset management platform access to MIS’s specialist reefer monitoring personnel and processes. Based in New Jersey, the MIS team will watch live reefer load data captured by the M2Connect system, on a 24/7 basis or as required—for instance, overnight or at weekends when clients’ own monitoring personnel are not available.
MIS will be able to remotely adjust out-of-spec temperature settings via M2Connect, where authorized, and will alert clients and nominated subcontractors—such as ships’ agents and reefer service providers—when M2Connect raises an alarm that requires physical intervention anywhere worldwide. That could be a temperature deviation, equipment failure, unplugged reefer container, or genset with no power.
Users also will be warned of any digression from scheduled transport routing and depot/terminal/DC locations, using M2Connect’s geo-fencing capabilities, helping to prevent tampering, theft and other fraud.
The new global “concierge”’ service draws on MIS’s established ReeferWatch software and Intermodal Coldchain Management Services (ICMS) for reefer containers and related assets moving across North America’s intermodal transport network. With 25 years’ experience, MIS currently manages more than 95% of North American intermodal reefer moves for all the major container shipping lines, from in-gate origin to out-gate destination, providing services including tracking, monitoring, inspection, repair, and refueling.
ReeferWatch software captures reefer monitoring data from multiple wireless telemetry systems, including M2Connect. It is also integrated via EDI with booking and dispatch systems of most of the world’s shipping lines, plus North American railroads. The system already manages mnore than a million reefer transactions, shipments, and bookings per year and will now form part of the ReeferWatch GCMS service.
Access for further details.

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