SIMBA 2017 upgraded for greater control

Dynamic Systems Inc, a Redmond WA-based provider of traceability systems, announces SIMBA 2017 with an upgraded touch screen for SIMBA produce barcode tracking applications.

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requires that fresh produce grower/packer/shippers be able to trace their product backwards and forwards in case of a recall.

With the new SIMBA touch screen, users will have greater control of their company—including the ability to monitor pack lines in real time, know what is in inventory and record shipments. The SIMBA (Specialized Inventory Management with Barcode Accuracy) system solves the problem of how to produce and track complete product labeling for fresh food on the fly. The upgraded system allows food and produce processors to be tracked faster and more accurately from “field to customer.”

The SIMBA system runs on an updated touch screen (similar to the fast food industry). It allows workers to switch attributes on the fly and print product labels from the field or at any pack line with all pertinent information (including a GS-1 code), capturing product information (weight, size, color, grade) for that carton or bag. Label information is stored in the SIMBA Office inventory, which provides data for inventory management, traceability and shipping. Cartons may be accumulated onto a pallet and tracked with a single pallet identifier.

At the time of shipping, the Van Loading feature of SIMBA tracks each carton or pallet onto a specific van. A bill of lading is then produced automatically. This feature not only saves time in the shipping process, but it also eliminates disputes with the customer regarding what was actually shipped.

Key results from implementing SIMBA traceability software include real-time production reporting, fulfillment of traceability requirements, more accurate inventory, professional-looking carton and pallet labels, and verified shipping.

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