Tools assist in cold chain monitoring

OCEASOFT, a provider of wireless connected solutions for monitoring and tracking critical physical parameters, has developed two tools to streamline high-volume management of its Bluetooth-enabled dataloggers products.

The company’s new automation tools—a Loading Bench for fast datalogger configuration and OCEABridge for automated wireless data collection—bring several sought-after innovations for cold chain monitoring management for transportation and high-volume shipment.

OCEASOFT’s Loading Bench programs Atlas dataloggers in just 2 seconds wirelessly using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. The process includes a quick series of tests and controls as a last-minute quality control measure. The loading bench will be available in Q2 2017.

The OCEABridge is a gateway that uses Bluetooth Low-Energy to automatically detect all dataloggers entering its wireless range and collect recorded sensor readings and other important information.

OCEASOFT automatization tools and cloud services, datalogger programming and reading processes are now fast and easy. Used in combination with OCEAView, a web-based software running on computer and mobile devices, all programmed and collected data are accessible from anywhere at any time.

Why these innovations are important?

In 2018, one out of every two pharmaceutical products will be thermosensitive and will require temperature monitoring from manufacturing to delivery. The same holds true for food products, industrial scenarios, the environment, and many other business sectors. This progression, combined with market globalization, is leading naturally to increased volumes of shipping under controlled temperature conditions. Supply chain management may thus be burdened by heavy processes, especially when handling high volumes.

Programming, starting missions, and collecting data from hundreds or thousands of dataloggers daily is a huge drain on time and human resources. OCEASOFT developed an offering that resolves this issue by automating key operational processes to reduce risks and optimize the overall logistics chain.

Find out more by watching a webinar on-demand on the topic of automation tools: or access the website at

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