Transplace Supply Chain Consulting launched

Transplace, a provider of transportation management services and logistics technology, has officially launched its supply chain consulting practice. Transplace Supply Chain Consulting brings to customers seasoned supply chain professionals with deep functional expertise in transportation and logistics, focused on improving end-to-end (e-2-e) supply chain performance.
This consulting service includes a broad, yet focused, spectrum of service capabilities:
•Supply chain optimization—Developing an end-to-end, integrated solution across the entire transportation strategy for continuous improvement and enhanced efficiency.
•Transportation optimization—As the largest and most costly subset of the supply chain, Transplace Supply Chain Consulting provides analytics, process redesign, methodology, tools, and technology for optimizing complex transportation networks to improve supply chain performance.
•Sourcing and procurement—Assessing current sourcing practices and procurement processes across all categories of indirect spend and then executing work to optimize controlled spend, perform category management, and build capabilities for continuous improvement.
•Asset management:
—Envisioning, designing, and blueprinting solutions to efficiently utilize asset capacity, as well as optimizing the use of those assets in transporting and delivering product efficiently and effectively.
—Improving asset utilization, particularly in specialized fleets such as dedicated contract carriage, electric, gas, and water utility fleets.
•Business intelligence and analytics—Providing the BI and analytics to manage and monitor supply chain performance and analyze operational and service issues, as well as monitoring compliance and adherence to operating plans and budgets.
•Enabling technology—Determining the optimal network design, as well as the supporting technology stack, to enable and improve operational execution, visibility, and compliance.
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