White paper can help achieve forklift program success

White paper can help achieve forklift program success

While many warehouse and material handling managers face pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity, industry reports show these same managers are reluctant to implement a comprehensive forklift fleet and operator management program that could help achieve business goals.

Cost and complexity are often cited as insurmountable barriers. This doesn’t have to be the case, according to a new industry white paper from forklift manufacturer Crown Equipment Corporation. The paper, entitled Forklift Fleet and Operator Management: Optimizing Return Through Phased Implementation, outlines multiple paths for businesses of varying sizes to follow based on organizational objectives.

Forklift fleet management consists of the collection, analysis, and use of pertinent fleet information to reduce costs and improve operator and forklift productivity. The key premise of the white paper is that phased implementation based on high-priority objectives minimizes the challenges of fleet and operator management while still realizing the full benefits of the system.

Three common objectives are addressed: reducing fleet costs, optimizing productivity, and improving safety compliance with workplace standards. The paper notes that the “coherent organization of forklift data is key to optimizing material handling operations and essential to addressing productivity, efficiency, and compliance issues in virtually any type of application.” When made relevant, the information “can then provide the visibility and control that management needs to improve overall efficiency and productivity.”

Download the free white paper at www.crown.com.

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