Xpress Mobile Capture app becomes driver’s automated personal assistant

EBE Technologies announced the launch of Xpress Mobile Capture (XMC) recently.

XMC is an integrated system that allows drivers to submit delivery, settlement, and safety documents via a mobile device while communicating with carriers’ BackOffice systems. Integration to carriers’ dispatch, safety, and HR systems ensures timely notifications to drivers of required documents and validates accuracy of documents submitted.

Larry Kerr, president of EBE, said, “The XMC application becomes the driver’s automated personal assistant that keeps the driver informed of needed documents and deadlines. In one way, driver satisfaction is positively impacted because they are never surprised by what’s in their settlement check since they will know instantly if their required paperwork was processed in time.”

XMC can be configured to capture any or all documents carriers require to be submitted—from PODs, OS&Ds, and toll receipts, to compliance documents such as CDLs, insurance certificates, and medical cards. Each document is indexed by the driver at the point of service and sent to the carrier’s dispatch, accounting, and/or safety systems, where they are then automatically validated for accuracy and processed.

Drivers receive immediate feedback on the status of the documents and completeness of the transaction. Notifications are automatically sent to drivers prior to settlement or compliance deadlines if required documents have not been received.

Since the mobile device is available 24/7, XMC positions transportation providers to maximize drivers’ hours spent behind the wheel. Instead of waiting in line to scan paperwork, or checking in with a driver manager to confirm settlement status, the system provides real-time updates and notifications. They are also not limited to receiving this information during normal business hours since XMC is always available.

Embedded in the XMC application is a training module using EBE’s Learning Management System and driver scorecarding functionality to monitor how well drivers are managing paperwork. The LMS system provides drivers access to training videos to teach them and reinforce understanding of the application. Driver scorecarding helps managers develop KPIs to monitor paperwork performance. Scorecard options may include metrics such as time to scan from the load-empty status, required document completion, index accuracy, image quality, and time to rescan poor-quality documents.

For additional information, go to www.ebeships.com or call 1-800-447-0612.

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