XTRA Lease provides Size & Weight Guide

XTRA Lease announced that its 2015 Size & Weight Guide, a reference guide containing state-by-state listings of size and weight regulations, is now available for download by accessing www.xtralease.com.
The company produces this free guide annually to provide fleets with the most up-to-date resource material for managing size and weight legal limitations.
In addition, the guide offers details on where to:
•Register for fuel use tax and order International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) trip permits
•Register vehicles and order International Registration Plan (IRP) trip permits
•Register for Unified Carrier Registration Agreement (UCRA)
•Get hazardous materials/waste permits
•Get overweight, oversize permits
The guide provides contact information for state trucking associations and also includes a convenient quick-reference chart for all states.
Access www.xtra.com for full information.

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