Air Cargo Africa to include flower shippers forum

The next Air Cargo Africa exhibition and conference, organized by international multimodal transport media specialist STAT Media, is set for February 25-27, 2015, at the Casino Convention resort in Johannesburg, South Africa.
It will feature Africa’s first Air Shippers Forum, comprising sessions dealing with various key verticals. One of these, a mini-conference on shipping flowers and other perishables by air, will be hosted by Schiphol Cargo.
This session will be attended by major growers, specialist forwarders, handlers, airports, airlines, truckers, and perishables supply chain experts, providing a forum for debate and the exchange of views and ideas.
Under the title “Perishables by Air: Grounds for Change?”, the session will adopt the “Schiphol Format,” in which the audience is arranged in roundtables with an informed expert on each. The moderator is Enno Osinga, Schiphol Cargo’s senior vice-president. Arranging the session and recruiting suitable experts is Bart Pouwels, Schiphol Cargo’s perishables supply chain specialist.
Attendance at “Perishables by Air: Grounds for Change?” is free, but places are limited. To reserve your place, or to find out more about Air Cargo Africa 2015, email Prasun Saha at [email protected]

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