Clark Freightways improves ops using Robocom system

Clark Freightways has improved business results and business integration through its implementation of Robocom Systems International’s Enterprise Transportation System.

A case study released by Robocom finds that British Columbia-based Clark Freightways has improved productivity, reduced cost, and seamlessly integrated all aspects of its operations through Centerline, Robocom’s Enterprise Transportation System. Serving more than 600 communities throughout British Columbia, Clark Freightways uses Centerline to operate a fleet of more than 175 trailers, 75 power units, and multiple branches and agents distributed throughout the province.

Greg Rogge, general manager and vice-president of Clark Freightways, said, “The primary reason for implementing Centerline was to enable the flow of information within our company and externally with our customers. Our customers need to know what is happening with their orders, and they need up-to-date information.”

Clark Freightways specializes in refrigerated, frozen, and dry less-than-truckload freight. For more information, visit

Robocom’s systems include warehouse management, transportation management, voice technology, and labor management. Access for further details.

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