Cryoport teams with DHL to enhance logistics offerings

Cryoport teams with DHL to enhance logistics offerings

Cryoport Inc (OTC BB: CYRX), the provider of advanced cryogenic logistics solutions, has partnered with LifeConEx, a part of DHL Global Forwarding, to enhance and supplement DHL’s cold chain logistics offerings to its life sciences and healthcare customers.
With these new services, DHL is now offering advanced cryogenic logistics solutions as well as the best-in-class solution for shipping temperature-sensitive products and biological materials in a cryogenic state to life sciences and healthcare customers.
DHL Global Forwarding has 45 Certified Life Sciences stations around the world, and they plan to end the year with 65 integrated stations.  These forwarding stations as well as dedicated life sciences warehouses and clinical trial depots will now be able to rely on Cryoport for cryogenic shipping.
Cryoport believes this is an important element of DHL’s strategy to increase its business in temperature-controlled shipping. As DHL’s research has reported, the worldwide shipping volume in the cold chain tripled from $56 billion in 2004 to $167 billion in 2013.
Integral parts of this new service include the Cryoport Express Shippers that use a dry vapor liquid nitrogen technology, providing 10 days of holding time at minus 150 degrees C, under dynamic shipping conditions combined with temperature monitoring throughout the shipping process. Cryoport’s solutions offer a superior, more reliable alternative to dry ice, which needs to be re-iced every few days creating conditions for temperature excursions. This is of particular importance for the shipments of fragile biomaterials.  In addition, Cryoport solutions are also more economical and less hazardous than liquid nitrogen.
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LifeConEx, DHL’s temperature management specialist, enables clients of all sizes to transport temperature-sensitive products globally in the most optimal and efficient way possible. It combines proprietary technologies, such as LifeTrack and in-transit sensors, with expert analysts, advisors, and auditors to deliver end-to-end visibility, monitoring, and management of cold chain.  By maintaining partnerships with leading handlers and having specialists worldwide covering 165-plus nations, LifeConEx helps clients mitigate risk, seek out more efficient channels, and meet intensive regulatory standards. For more information about LifeConEx, go to

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